Vintage Polly Pocket – Bluebird Mattel 1989 to 1998

This page is dedicated to Bluebird Vintage Polly Pocket.

Bluebird Toys produced more than 350 Polly Pocket sets and items from 1989 to 1998.

Mattel distributed Polly Pocket from the early 1990s and purchased Bluebird in 1998.

My name is Elise and I have a Vintage Polly Pocket collection.

My Vintage Polly Pocket Collection

Vintage Polly Pocket Vintage Polly Pocket

Great Polly Pocket Websites for you to Visit

History of Polly Pocket

About Bluebird Toys

Bluebird Toys plc was a British toy company founded in Swindon England in 1980 by Torquil Norman. He is famous for his Big Yellow Teapot House, Big Red Fun Bus and Big Jumbo Fun Plane, A La Carte Kitchen, Polly Pocket, Lucy Locket (A larger version of Polly Pocket) and the Mighty Max range, as well as the invention of the plastic lunch box.  Bluebird are also responsible for the Havok war game and Disney Tiny Collection, Manta Force, Oh Penny, the British version of Oh Jenny from Matchbox Toys, Mighty Max and miniature Thomas and Friends sets.

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