Vintage Toys

My daughter Elise is into Vintage Toys.  Yes, she is a collector too.  And yes, sometimes, when she gets doubles, she sells her toys.

Elise is going to progressively publish information about her collections… starting with Vintage Polly Pockets.  Later will come Littlest Pet Shop, Trendmaster Star Castles, My Little Pony, Astro Boy, Barbie …

I will also do a blogging on the Retro Toys that I find on my bargain hunting so I will list these here too.

Vintage Toys

Go to  Vintage Polly Pocket – Bluebird Mattel 1989 to 1998  page.

Vintage Toys

Magical Movin’ Pollyville 1996

Go to View Master Stereoscope GAF USA 1960-70s 7 Picture Reels blog.

Vintage Toys

GAF View Master & Picture Reels

For a wide range of Vintage Retro Toys  See Vintage Retro Toys on Google Images

Happy Bargain Hunting & Collecting

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