Tips for Buying on eBay: Retro Homewares

Tips for Buying on eBay.  So many people ask me how I get such great bargains on eBay.

Even people who have bought and sold on eBay quite a bit, don’t realise how eBay works.

eBay provide great on line buyer tips but they are quite general and relate to new as well as retro goods.

Tips for Buying on eBay

Anyone buying second hand items, particularly retro homewares is usually looking for something quite specific.

Retro Homewares are usually to be found in the “Home & Garden” or “Collectables” Categories.

These are my best basic tips for buyers new to eBay. More subtlety will come to you with experience.

  • Stick to your local area (within 25km) to save on postage.
  • Look at the pictures too, as the best buys are often named poorly or incorrectly.
  • Try for auctions that finish at unpopular times (like the middle of the day).
  • Decide the max you are prepared to pay and bid that amount in the last few minutes.
Tips for Buying on eBay


I bought this 1970s Figgjo Norway ‘Lotte’ pattern trio to add to my collection for only $20 by following my own tips.  I could easily have paid twice this amount + postage.

Happy Bargain Hunting & Collecting

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