Rehoming Retro Homewares is Very Satisfying

Rehoming Retro Homewares, Recycling Retro Homewares or Reusing of Retro Homewares.  What do I call it?

All these terms seem to apply to some other category of things, eg garbage is recycled, pets are re-homed, re-use is used for almost everything.

I was not sure what to call this blog entry.  If you have any better suggestions, please let me know.

So, what I was thinking was… how incredibly satisfying it is to rehome an item

I purchase an item at a ‘trash and treasure’ market, do some research on it, and list it on my website for sale.  A collector sees it and buys it.

Rehoming retro homewares example:

Modernist Candal Portugal pin dish bought at a trash and treasure market in NSW Australia and sold to a collector in Portugal.  The pin dish which most likely came to Australia with a Portuguese immigrant has made its way back home.

It is very satisfying to move a retro item from the hands of someone who does not appreciate its provenance to the hands of someone who does.  The history, design and functionality of the item are renewed for a second, third or however many-ith time. I have helped to rehome, recycle, and reuse the item… yeh for me.

As any one who has a website or who sells things on ebay knows that when dealing with ‘individual sales’ of ‘rare items’ the financial rewards are not great, but the positive feelings that you get from rehoming an item are a great reward.

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Happy Bargain Hunting and Collecting

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