Wembley Ware Float Bowl Large 26cm Australia Lustreware 1950s


Wembley Ware Float Bowl Large 26cm Australia Lustreware 1950s

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Wembley Ware Float Bowl Large 26cm Australia Lustreware 1950s

This bowl is in good condition with one stress point on the edge and some scratch marks to the inside.

The glaze is still smooth over the stress point on the inside edge of the bowl (see photos).

The bowl presents well.   It is light blue green or the outside and gold yellow on the inside.

Size: 26cm in diameter x 5.5cm high
Weight: 1200g

Wembley Ware was the name given to a range of ceramic figurines and functional items produced between 1946 and 1961 in Subiaco Pottery Perth, Western Australia by H. L. Brisbane and Wunderlich Ltd.

The Subiaco Pottery was established in 1921 but the name and range of Wembley Ware  was not produced till 1946 and continued until 1961 whe the cheap Japanese ware made competing difficult.

The range, titled the “Fancy Ware Range”, included Australian flora and fauna – koala, kangaroo, emu, fish etc., Aboriginal figures as well as functional items including vases, ashtrays, plates and bowls.  They were sold by both mail order and in department stores.  Most of these items are what is commonly known as lustreware, having a pearly finish achieved by an iridescent metallic glaze.

Being an Australian company, many of the Wembley ornaments featured Australian fauna.  Well modelled and naturalistically coloured figures of kangaroos, emus and koalas are all sought after. Less Australian, but just as collectable – and not as commonly found – are the penguin, tortoise and black cat.

The now unfashionable ashtray, often mounted with an animal, was a signature piece of Wembley Ware.  Made in a variety of sizes and shapes, their range from the plain, circular ashtray to fancy types that were mounted with well, modelled figures or animals. Most of these are identified with a factory mark either printed or impressed in the base.

A series of fish figures was also produced in the Wembley ware line, with the most common being the dhufish.

Amongst the more functional items, vases were made in a variety of stles and finsishes including tan-shaped, flared nexk and swan posy vase.

Some of the above text was sourced from http://www.carters.com.au/index.cfm/index/360-wembley-ware-ceramics/



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