Portmeirion Pomona Canisters 1980s Fruit 2

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Portmeirion Pomona Canisters 1980s Fruit 2

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Portmeirion Pomona Canisters 1980s Fruit 2

Susan Williams-Ellis designed the Pomona range for Portmeirion in 1982.

Pomona is the Roman goddess of fruit.

These are oven to table, dishwasher safe and microwave proof (not the wooden lids).

The pair of canisters is in excellent condition and the seals are still good.

“The Albany Morning Apple”  Size: 13.5cm tall x 9.5cm diameter  Weight: 530g

“The Teinton Squash Pear”  Size: 11.5cm tall x 8cm diameter  Weight: 380g

New canisters like these in England will cost you at least $40 for the larger one

Portmeirion Pottery was founded in 1960 by Susan Williams-Ellis and her husband and the company is still operating today.  Their most successful ranges are the botanical ones, including Pomona, that are decorated with a variety of floral illustrations adapted from Thomas Green’s Universal or-Botanical, Medical and Agricultural Dictionary (1817).

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