Pertti Kallioinen Metsa Bowls Finland Set of 6 1970s


Pertti Kallioinen Metsa Bowls Finland Set of 6  1970s

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Pertti Kallioinen Metsa (forest) Bowls Pertti Kallioinen Metsa Bowls designed for Lasisepat Mantsala of Finland in the 1970s.

Rare set of 6 bowls in excellent condition and a great example of Mid-Century Glassware..

As with other patterns from this designer, the bowls are very tactile with the pattern on the outside.

I believe these bowls were made by blowing the glass into a wooden mould.

Size: 90mm wide at base and 180mm wide at top x 80mm tall
Weight: ~3.5kg total

Lasisepat Mantsala are one of the lesser known Finnish glassmakers and I believe the factory was operating from 1978-2003.

Pertti Kallioinen is also known for his ‘Cow Parsley’ range also made for Lasisepat Mantsala.

He also designed for Riihimaki Glassworks Finland who operated from 1910-1990 and Muurla Glassworks Finland who are still operating today.

For more on Mid-Century Glassware read my Article on Mid-Century Glassware: Glass Makers and Designers

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 25 cm


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