Pertti Kallioinen Forest Bowl Large Finland 1970s Mantsala


Pertti Kallioinen Forest Bowl Large Finland 1970s

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Pertti Kallioinen Forest (Metsa) pattern Glass Ware was made by Lasisepat Mantsala of Finland in the 1970s.

A fantastic piece of Mid-Century Glassware.

This large fruit/salad/bread shallow bowl is in very good condition.

As with other patterns from this designer, the bowls are very tactile with the pattern on the outside.

I believe this pattern was made by blowing the glass into a wooden mold.

Size: 34cm in diameter x 7cm tall
Weight: 1.7 kg

Lasisepat Mantsala are one of the lesser known Finnish glassmakers and I believe the factory was operating from 1978-2003.

Pertti Kallioinen is also known for his ‘Cow Parsley’ range also made for Lasisepat Mantsala.

He also designed for Riihimaki Glassworks Finland who operated from 1910-1990 and Muurla Glassworks Finland who are still operating today.

For more on Mid-Century Glassware read my Article on Mid-Century Glassware: Glass Makers and Designers

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 20 cm


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