Myott Legend Dinner Plates x 4 Ironstone 1970s England

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Myott Legend Dinner Plates x 4 Ironstone 1970s England

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Myott Legend Dinner Plates Set of 4  made of Ironstone, made in England, most likely in the late 1970s.

Gold and Blue central pattern.

Full range of dinner, coffee and baking service was made in this pattern.

These Myott Legend Dinner Plates are in very good condition.

Size: 26cm diameter x 2cm tall  Weight: 560g each

Myott, Son & Co. Ltd was founded by Ashley Myott in 1898 in Staffordshire.  The most sought after Myott pieces are their Act Deco pieces from 1930-42 and marked with a gold stamp.  Most of the pieces were hand painted, but the decorators did not sign or date their work.  A fire at the Myott factory in 1949 destroyed all records and pattern books making it hard for collectors to find out more. Myott is fast becoming as collectible as their contemporary Clarice Cliff.

In 1949 the company moved to Hanley and in 1969 were bought out by Interpace an American corporation based in Parsippany, New Jersey, who were at the time the largest manufacturer of tableware in the USA.  The Myott name was retained and in 1976 the company merged with Alfred Meakin Ltd, who were based in Tunstall, to form Myott-Meakin Ltd.  In 1989 the name Myott-Meakin (Staffordshire) Ltd. was adopted as a result of an acquisition by Melton Modes. In June 1991 the company was ‘swallowed’ by the Churchill Group of potteries.

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