Diana Pottery Ikebana Vase Black Slipware Australia 1960s B78


Diana Pottery Ikebana Vase Black Slipware Australia 1960s B78

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Diana Pottery Ikebana Vase Black Satin Finish Slipware Australia 1960s

This vase is in excellent condition with two original stickers and it marked ‘B78’ on the base.

One sticker is ‘Flower Beauty J.H.3’,  the other ‘Australian Made’ with a boomerang.

It is from the 1960s as this is when the ‘Australian Made’ campaign with the boomerang began.

It is not marked Diana but I have seen it on-line attributed to Diana and being made also in White and Brown.

Size: 28.5cm long x 9.5cm wide x 5cm tall
Weight: 450g

Diana Pottery is an Australian pottery that operated from 1941 to 1966 in Marrickville Sydney and was the most important Australian ceramics manufacturer during this time.

They are well know for slip-ware, hand painted pottery, kitchenware and ovenware.

It produced decorative earthenware table vases, wall pocket vases, decanters, figurines and a popular range of tableware called Nefertiti which consisted of casserole dishes, serving platters and ramekins.  The vases and figurines were often glazed in pearly pastel blues, pinks and yellows, while the Nefertiti range came in both contrasting mustard and brown, and white.

To see pictures of the large range and styles of Diana Pottery goto https://au.pinterest.com/hobbymumm/australian-pottery-by-the-diana-pottery/

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Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 35 × 15 × 15 cm


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