Cornish Ware Salt Shaker Large TG Green 1930s Blue & White


Cornish Ware Salt Shaker TG Green 1930s Blue & White

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Cornish Ware Salt Shaker T.G. Green 1930s Blue & White in Large size

This item appears in catalogs in the 1930s.  The green shield back stamp is consistent with items made between 1920s and 1967.

On barrel items like this one, the white slip ware was sprayed blue and then the white bands were cut in with a lathe.  On flat plates, the bands were spray painted with a hand-gun.  So every piece is unique.

This Cornish Ware Salt Shaker base is in very good condition.  The screw on lid still works well, but has all-over crazing and a hairline crack.

Size: 10.5cm tall x 7cm diameter

Weight Total: 305g

Greens first pottery was purchased in 1864, but it was not till 1883, in a state-of-the-art factory that the company really took off.  By the 1930s they were producing an enormous diversity of products  including kitchen wares, hospital wares, government measures, domestic stoneware and black lustre ware.  The company has been through difficulties but is still operating and making Cornish Ware today.

Cornish Ware was launched in late 1926 and won award for its cleanliness, was exported to Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Originally it was only made in Blue and yellow, but in the 1950s ‘Sunlit Yellow’, ‘Cornish Gold’, ‘Red’ and experiments in ‘Black’ and ‘Green’ were made.  After Judith Onions redesigned the shapes in the 1960s, other colours have also been made.

T.G. Green (Cloverleaf) Cornish Ware has been much copied.

T.G. Green produced many other patterns, including the popular Safari, Gingham (checks) and Domino Ware (spots).  For more patterns goto

The following website has pages of information about T.G. Green Cornish Ware to help date your pieces

Ref: ‘Cornish Ware – Kitchen and Domestic Pottery by T.G. Green of Church Gresley Derbyshire’, Paul Atterbury, Published by Richard Dennis, England 1996.



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