Bendigo Pottery Epsom Salt Pig Ken Tresize 1981 Kangaroo Salt-glazed


Bendigo Pottery Epsom Salt Pig Ken Tresize 1981 Kangaroo Salt-glazed

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0Bendigo Pottery Epsom Salt Pig, handmade by Ken Tresize ‘KT’ in 1981 with a salt-glaze.

This piece also has the highly desirable Kangaroo stamped into the base and includes the shape # and year of making.

Medium brown salt pig/cellar with 2 bands around the body.

This Bendigo Pottery Epsom Salt Pig is in excellent condition.

Size: 12cm in diameter at widest and 18cm tall
Weight: 965g

Ken Tresize was a potter at the Bendigo Epson Pottery from 1972 to 1982.

The Bendigo Pottery is Australia’s oldest continually operating pottery.  It was established in Epsom Victoria in the 1860s.  They produced a large range on unglazed terracotta, glazed stoneware, pipes, jars and other commercial and domestic pots.  Later they produced Bristol glazed stoneware, can and Rockingham glazed earthenware, Majolica ware and bread platters.  Most of these early pieces are not marked.

By the 1930s they were producing Art Ware known as Waverley Ware, and in the 1940s Marble Ware.  In the 1970s they produced the salt glazed Epson Ware range.  Most of these later pieces are clearly marked.

In the 1970s they launched the Epsomware range of household ceramics. The handmade nature and earthy tones of these salt-glazed items went on to influence an entire generation of art potters.

Ref: “Australian Domestic Pottery – A Collector’s Guide”, William & Dorothy Hall, 1992, Kangaroo Press, Australia

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 20 cm


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