Poole Pottery

Poole Pottery has operated in Dorset England since 1873 and are still operating today.  They started with architectural ceramics, moved into decorative pottery in the 1900s.  They produced a wide range of art pottery and useful tableware throughout the 1900s.

They attracted some excellent designers/artists for their art pottery and produced the twintone tableware range in a variety of colour-ways over the years.

Poole Pottery Biscuit Barrel

Poole Pottery Biscuit Barrel – for sale

Poole Coffee Set

Poole Coffee Set – sold

Poole Pottery Twintone

Poole Twintone

Poole Pottery Twintone

Poole Twintone Backstamp

Poole Pottery Sky Blue

Poole Sky Blue – sold

Poole Teapot

Poole Teapot – for sale

For more on their history goto http://antique-marks.com/poole-pottery.html

For more on the twintone range go to https://www.yayretro.co.uk/brands/1/poole-pottery/

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