Florenz Pottery

Florenz Pottery was started in 1934 by Florence Williams and she produced gum nut and other art ware pieces until 1948.  They also produced slipcast pottery vases, pots, ashtrays, baskets and dishes for the souvenir and home markets.  Many of there items were drip-glazed.

The company was sold to HAP Insulators and produced slip ware and wheel thrown earthenware.

In 1980 the company was sold to KC Industries (Casey Ware) and produced domestic stoneware.

Ref: “Australian Artware Pottery”, William and Dorothy Hall, 1996, Crown Castleton Publishers Australia

For a history and identification goto https://www.flickr.com/groups/1281707@N21/discuss/72157629692930869/

Florenz Bottle

Florenz Bottle Backstamp

Florenz Bottle

Florenz Bottle – for sale

Florenz Canisters

Florenz Canisters – for sale

Florenz Vase

Florenz Vase – for sale

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