Poole Pottery History & Gallery

Poole Pottery History & Gallery

I have known about Poole for more than 20 years and occasionally find pieces in my bargain hunting.

Poole Pottery has operated in Dorset England since 1873 and are still operating today.  They started with architectural ceramics, moved into decorative pottery in the 1900s.  They produced a wide range of art pottery and useful tableware throughout the 1900s.

They attracted some excellent designers/artists for their art pottery and produced the twintone tableware range in a variety of colour-ways over the years.

For more on their history goto http://antique-marks.com/poole-pottery.html

For more on the twintone range go to https://www.yayretro.co.uk/brands/1/poole-pottery/

Poole Pottery Biscuit Barrel

Poole Pottery Biscuit Barrel – for sale

Poole Fleurie Pin Dish

Poole Fleurie Pin Dish – sold

Poole Twintone Lime Seagull

Poole Twintone Lime Seagull – for sale

Poole Segmented Dish

Poole Segmented Dish – not for sale

Poole Coffee Set

Poole Coffee Set – sold

Twintone Seagull Mushroom

Poole Twintone Seagull Mushroom – for sale

Poole Pottery Twintone

Poole Twintone Backstamp

Poole Pottery Sky Blue

Poole Sky Blue – sold

Poole Teapot

Poole Teapot – sold

Poole Country Lane Plates

Poole Country Lane Plates – sold

Poole Twintone

Poole Twintone Cups

Poole Large Shell Dish

Poole Large Shell Dish

Twintone Cucumber Dish

Twintone Lime Cucumber Dish – sold


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