Iittala Finland Kekkerit Dessert Bowls found at Charity Shop

I am so so happy because last week I found these Iittala Finland Kekkerit Dessert Bowls at my local Charity Shop.

Iittala Kekkerit Dessert Bowls

Iittala Kekkerit Dessert Bowls

Iittala Finland Kekkerit

Iittala Finland Kekkerit









Timo Sarpeneva designed these for Iittala Finland in the 1970s and they are a Mid-Century Modern classic for Scandinavian glass.

I am collecting the different sized glasses in this pattern but had not seen the bowls for sale anywhere before.  I was very happy to pay $25 for 5 of them, and am hoping to find a 6th somewhere soon.  I am so happy to add to my collection at this price as I expect I would have paid twice this price plus postage on ebay for the same items.

One bowl has a sticker and the charity shop knew what they were and had them in their glass cabinet.

To see the MCM glass I have for sale on eBay please click here.

For more on Scandinavian glass please read my Mid-Century Glass article.

Happy Bargain Hunting and Collecting.


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