Guritno Porcelain Australia Touristware

Guritno Porcelain Australia Touristware

Today I found another piece of fantastic Guritno Touristware so I thought I would put pull together this blog.

Launched in 2004, Guritno Australia is the creative partnership of Agung Guritno and Rosalinda Corazon. As a professional team they transform original artwork into captivating images that grace their delightful products. From their Sydney studios, they collaborate to conjure visual stories on pieces that are beloved and collected across the world.

They are well-known for its high quality range of Australiana and Souvenir ware available at shops in most major tourist sites and airports throughout Australia.

They create popular Made in Australia souvenirs, a fabulous music range and charming cat and dog motifs. Whimsical, upmarket artwork is hand applied in living colour to fine china mugs and espresso sets, platters, bowls and shot glasses.

Their artwork reflects the colours and flavours of popular destinations, an appreciation for all creatures great and small, and a love for the inspiration of music. In its distinctive take on the natural and constructed worlds, the artwork interweaves humour and a passion for life.


Darwin Dish – SOLD


Back Stamp

Guritno Porcelain Platter

Blue Mountains Porcelain Platter – FOR SALE







Agung Guritno, artist, was born in Bandung, Indonesia, is now an Australian citizen.

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo requested several exclusive ranges, including a design to celebrate the birth of Taronga and Melbourne Zoos’ baby Asian elephants. They have also created a range featuring the charming fairy penguins on parade at Victoria’s Phillip Island. A brilliant Sydney Opera House artwork is another cherished collectible.

To find out more about Guritno the artist and see the large range of new pieces goto



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