Green Capri Canisters destined for a new home – Serendipity

Green Capri Canisters destined for a new home – Serendipity

About 2 months ago my girlfriend was helping her mother de-clutter her cupboards. Among the items were a set of 4 fantastic green Capri canisters with white lids and gold lettering (made by B. X Plastics Melbourne).  Her mother no longer needed them so home they went with my girlfriend to remind her of her childhood and be used again. My girlfriend knows that I love old things so she mentioned the canisters to me the next time we spoke.

About 1 month ago I was at a Salvos store and picked up 2 large squarish green stacking containers without lids, marked ‘cakes’ and ‘scones’. I did not think of my girlfriends canisters at the time. I intended to photograph the containers for my article Vintage Australian Plastic Makers and use them in my laundry for storage.

Yesterday I was at another Salvos store in my area and picked up a large squarish green container with a lid, marked ‘Bis’.

Capri Canisters

ONE – Capri Canisters Cakes & Scones 

Green Capri Canisters

TWO – Green Capri Canisters Stackable

“Bingo”. This container looked more than familiar.  How did this little family get separated (at the Salvos Distribution Centre) ?

And “Double Bingo”, now that I have a lid I recognise my girlfriends canisters (only bigger).

And who am I on my way to have lunch with, but the same girlfriend and both our mothers.

And yes her mother used to have this set of 3 stacking containers too – many years ago.

So of course I was destined to reunite these containers and my girlfriend was meant to have them.

Serendipity for a total of only $8.

Happy Bargain Hunting and Collecting.


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