Denby Pottery History & Gallery

Denby Pottery History & Gallery (updated May 2023)

I have been interested in Denby for more than 20 years and occasionally find pieces in my bargain hunting.

Denby Pottery was established in 1809 by William Bourne after the discovering of clay in Denby.  They started with commercial containers and innovated in firing methods in salt glazed kilns. In the 1900s they concentrated on kitchen wares and art ware. It stayed a family business only until 1942.

They still operate today.  They have over 5,000 different glazes and hundreds of designs in their archives – and the pottery that they make passes through twenty-five pairs of craftsman hands to earn a seal of approval, before it is shipped out of England and all over the world.

For more on the company history goto

To identify your Denby pattern try

Denby Green Wheat

Denby Greenwheat Oval Dish – for sale


Denby Marrakesh Plate

Denby Spring

Denby Spring Casserole – for sale

For Sale

Denby Pottery Pin Dish

Denby Regency Green Tea Pot

Denby Regency Green Tea Pot – sold

Denby Espresso Cups

Denby Espresso Cups- sold

Denby Backstamp

Denby Backstamp

Denby Coffee Pot

Denby Coffee Pot – sold

Denby Cups & Saucer

Denby Blue Linen Cups & Saucer – sold

Denby Langley Mayflower Plate

Denby Langley Mayflower Plate – sold

Denby Chevron Casserole

Chevron Casserole – sold see details

Denby Pottery Teapot

Pottery Teapot – sold see details

Denby Pottery Jug

Pottery Jug – sold see details


  1. Tammy

    I would like to say thank you for posting this article about the Denby Collections. A house in our area was to be demolished so we went on a adventure then found this set of bowls, tea cups, salt shaker and I believe a sugar bowl? My email is …. if anyone would like to see photos of them and/or have anymore information on the pieces.

    • Cheryl

      Great to here from you Tammy. I love treasure hunting and love identifying valuable and interesting items for people. There is so much information on-line now… it is a shame when people don’t check before throwing things in the trash. regards Cheryl

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