What is the appeal of collecting?

Almost everybody starts collecting things early in life.  Most children start with toys or books featuring a favorite character.  If the person hangs onto these childhood collections or continues to collect into there adult years then they are in danger of becoming a fully fledged collector.

Two of the most common reasons adults collect are:

Love of the look.  This is when a particular style of item appeals to an individual’s particular taste.  This might be as as narrow as a particular china pattern or as all-encompassing as 1950’s decor.

Financial gain. This is where a person expects an item to appreciate in value.  The first talent is to predict which item that seems inexpensive today will be worth more in the future.  The second talent is the patience to wait for that future date to arrive.

How does a collection start?

A collection can start in so many ways… with an inheritance, a gift, a bargain find, an indulgent purchase…

What do I think makes a Collector?

You might inherit a collection of china, art or pottery from a relative, but you are not truly a collector until you add to the collection yourself.

You might come across a bargain piece of mid-century pottery in a charity shop, but if you don’t love it enough to seek out a second related piece or a third, it does not become a collection.

Some of my collections:

Collecting Furniture



Most of the furniture in my house is old, 1920-40s. These pieces are not by famous makers but are very homely and used every day. I am not sure which piece I got first. I have a 1930s round drop sided table that was used first by my Mother, then my Grandmother, then my Sister. I have an oak carver that my Grandfather used. I have an oak paneled wardrobe that I restored before I moved out of my parents house.



Collecting Blue & White Stripes

Blue & White Striped:

My first piece was an English pudding bowl that my Grandmother gave me. I keenly sought out more bowls to complete the set, picking up anything else blue & white striped I could find. The collection now includes T&G Green Cornish Ware from England and Australian Bakewell Brothers Sydney items from the 1930s.




Collecting Figgjo Lotte

Lotte pattern china from Figgjo Norway:

I have been collecting Lotte for more than 10 years. My first piece was a lidded casserole found in a charity shop for $5. I bought it because it has a gorgeous blue & white pattern… and I am pretty much a blue & white addict. I came home and looked it up and yes yes yes, I was very happy. I have continued to collect Lotte serving pieces and use my coffee cups every day. Lotte was part of the Turi Design range made by Figgjo of Norway from 1962-1985.

Happy bargain hunting and collecting

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