Cleaning Bakelite Canisters to Remove Stains

Cleaning Bakelite Canisters to Remove Stains with creamy cleanser works to get those lovely old canisters out of the cupboard and on show again.

I have been fortunate enough to find some lovely old Bakelite canisters on my bargain hunting excursions and I admit that I have resold some of them for a profit.

The profit was not made because the person selling it did not know that it was an old canister… the profit was made because the person selling it thought that it was stained and could not be cleaned up… WRONG.

I am not an expert in cleaning Bakelite but I do know how to get it clean… and I will share my method.

On-line I have read that you can use car polish… but that it can take several applications… but it was not clear if the polish would take off really bad discoloration/stains…  and some sites tell you not to use a scourer…

Cleaning Bakelite Canisters:

I did not have any car polish to hand and I had almost nothing to lose… so I used good old ‘creamy cleanser‘ with a cheap green ‘kitchen scourer‘ and a little elbow grease and off came all those ‘stains’.  I then polished the canister with a little vegetable oil and paper towel to give a little sheen.

The results speak for themselves.  All the canisters below started out with lots of surface marks/stains and were cleaned up by me.

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For the story of Bakelite try found at

Cleaning Bakelite Canisters

EON Canisters Set – for sale

Cleaning Bakelite Canisters

EON Canister Yellow – sold

Cleaning Bakelite Canisters

EON Canisters Pastel – sold

Happy bargain hunting and collecting

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