Beulah Ware and unbranded Bakewells Brothers Pottery

I am currently in the process of updating my Bakewell Brothers article and will be adding more information about early Bakewell’s like ‘Beulah Ware’ and the more mysterious items that are ‘unbranded’ but accepted as Bakewell’s products. I also have new reference books and websites to add which have helped to expand my article.

In 2016 I first wrote my article on Bakewell Brothers Pottery. It has been very popular, attracting readers daily and getting lots of  comments, questions and information from other Bakewells fans.

I should be finished updating the article by the end of August. I hope you enjoy reading it.

So it is July 2021. It is a year since I started updating my Bakewell article and so many things have gotten in the way, including the Covid-19 pandemic and a nasty technical glitch that prevented me uploading photos to my website. But now I am done – well, for now.

Bakewells Pottery: Bakewell Brothers Ltd Sydney NSW article

Beulah Ware

Beulah Ware Casserole


Bakewell Brothers Milk Jugs unmarked

Bakewells Hand-painted Jug

Bakewells Hand-painted Jug


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