Arabia Finland Orri maitokannu Milk Jug Found in May 2018 for $12 – Op Shop Find

Arabia Finland Orri maitokannu milk jug found in May 2018 at an op shop for only $12

Arabia Finland Orri Jug

Arabia Finland Orri Jug

Arabia is the maker, Finland the country, Orri the pattern and ‘maitokannu’ means milk can (at least I think so).

This 12cm jug was labelled accurately and placed in the china cabinet at an op shop in the Illawarra.  I don’t know how long it was there before I purchased it, but I doubt it was long as there are many people like me who visit charity shops in the area on a regular basis.  Maybe it only came in yesterday… maybe is sat unnoticed for a couple of weeks.

I don’t always look in the china cabinets, as this is not where you expect to find the best bargains….. well, I will from now on, because this, to me, a collector of Arabia Finland, and a lover of blue and white china, is a real bargain.

If I was not a collector, I could resell this Arabia Finland Orri Milk Jug for as much as $90, and I could get $60 quickly.

Arabia Finland has been producing tableware since 1873.  They have produced many well known ranges including Valencia, Ali, Pomona, Rosmarin and Ruska.

They attracted many great designers over the years including:

  • Ulla Procope from 1948-1966 who was responsible for the hand painted Valencia range and the mass-produced Rosmarin range.
  • Anja Jaatinen-Winquist and her husband Peter Winquist from 1967-1974. Anja Jaatinen-Winquist was responsible for the Pimpinella range of Demitasse Coffee Cups.
  • Raija Uosikkinen from 1968-1977 who was responsible for the Ali range, the Emelia range and the Pomona range.
  • Kaj Franck (1911-1989)  and Gunvor Olin-Gronqvist

Goto for posts on their Patterns

Go to for backstamps to date your pieces.

Happy bargain hunting and collecting

Arabia Ruska Coffee Cups

Arabia Ruska Coffee Cups – sold

Arabia Finland Jam Pots

Arabia Finland Jam Pots – not for sale

Arabia Ruska Dinner Set

Arabia Ruska Dinner Set – sold see details

Arabia Pimpinella

Arabia Pimpinella – sold see details

Arabia Finland Ali Blue

Arabia Finland Ali Blue – sold see details

Arabia Ruska Large Platter

Arabia Ruska Large Platter – sold

Arabia Ruska Coffee Mug & Saucer

Arabia Ruska Coffee Mug & Saucer – sold

Arabia Finland Valencia

Arabia Finland Valencia

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