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Arabia Finland History & Gallery (updated June 2023)

Arabia Finland Jam Pots

Pomona Jam Pots by Raija Uosikkinen

Arabia has been producing tableware since 1873.  They have produced many well known ranges including Valencia, Ali, Pomona, Rosmarin and Ruska.

They attracted many great designers over the years including:

Ulla Procope from 1948-1966 who was responsible for the hand painted Valencia range and the mass-produced Rosmarin range.

Anja Jaatinen-Winquist and her husband Peter Winquist from 1967-1974. Anja Jaatinen-Winquist was responsible for the Pimpinella range of Demitasse Coffee Cups.

Raija Uosikkinen from 1968-1977 who was responsible for the Ali range, the Emelia range and the Pomona range.

Kaj Franck (1911-1989) who was responsible for the Orri pattern and Gunvor Olin-Gronqvist

Hilkka-Liisa Ahola from 1943-74 who was responsible for designs like Sunflower, Venus, Kuutamo and Hehku/Glow.

They also produced arrange of glass items under the name ‘Finn Crystal’.

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Arabia Valencia Charger

Arabia Valencia Large 35cm Charger – for sale

Arabia Finland

Arabia Finland Liekki Saucepan – sold

Arabia Finland

Arabia Finland Liekki Oven Dish – sold

Arabia Finland Orri

Arabia Orri Jugs by Kaj Franck

Arabia Ruska Cereal Bowls

Arabia Ruska Cereal Bowls – sold

Arabia Ruska Coffee Trios

Arabia Ruska Coffee Trios – sold

Arabia Ruska

Arabia Ruska Dinner Plates – sold

Arabia Ruska Soup Bowls

Arabia Ruska Soup Bowls – sold

Arabia Jam Pot

Arabia Strawberry Jam Pot

Arabia Finland Pirtti Pitcher

Arabia Finland Pirtti Pitcher – Sold

Arabia Ruska Coffee Mugs

Arabia Ruska Coffee Mugs – Sold

Arabia Liekki Large Skillet

Arabia Liekki Large Skillet – Sold

Arabia Ruska Coffee Cups

Arabia Ruska Coffee Cups – sold see details

Arabia Ruska Dinner Set

Arabia Ruska Dinner Set – sold see details

Arabia Jam Pot

Arabia Raspberry Jam Pot

Finn Crystal Flora Plate

Finn Crystal Flora Plate

Sold Items

Arabia Ruska Sugar

Arabia Pimpinella

Arabia Pimpinella – see sold details

Arabia Finland Ali Blue

Arabia Finland Ali Blue – sold see details

Arabia Jam Pot

Arabia Apple Jam Pot

Arabia Ruska Large Platter

Arabia Ruska Large Platter – sold see details

Arabia Ruska Coffee Mug & Saucer

Arabia Ruska Coffee Mug & Saucer – sold

Arabia Finland Valencia

Arabia Finland Valencia – sold

Arabia Back Stamp

Arabia Back Stamp

Arabia Finland Uhtua Coffee Set

Arabia Uhtua Coffee Set – sold see details 

Arabia Kosmos Plate

Arabia Kosmos Plate – sold

Arabia Jam Pot

Arabia Marmalade Pot

Arabia Finland Orri Jug

Arabia Finland Orri Jug – see details

Arabia Ruska Casserole

Arabia Ruska Casserole – sold – see details

Arabia Raspberry Jam Pot

Arabia Plum Jam Pot


  1. judith

    I have a 7 3/4″ dia plate Arabia Finland H LA/SL. It has a white trim blue/purple outside sunflower leaves
    then blue/tiehl and the center is dark almost black with a circle of dark blue at the center.
    I would love to purchase a couple more plates if available.
    Thank you, Judy

    • Cheryl

      Hello Judy. Thank you for the message as I had not seen this pattern before so I did a little research.
      I know the ‘HLA’ is for Hilkka-Lissa Aloha, a designer at Arabia from 1947-74. I have one of her yellow sunflower plates in the same size. This size is the appetizer plate (20cm) and they are hand-painted.
      Your pattern is called ‘Hehku’ (‘Glow’ in English) and appears to be much rarer than the yellow sunflower she did. does not even list the pattern. The only other item I can find in the pattern is a 32cm plate/platter.
      I expect that you will be very lucky if you can find any for sale in Australia. A pair sold on ETSY for AU$198. There is a 32cm one in the US on eBay #155019745303 for S$50.
      Sorry I could not point you to more plates. Look after the ones you have.
      regards Cheryl

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