About Me


My name is Cheryl, I am the owner of CCs Retro,  and I have a passion for vintage homewares.

I live in the city of Wollongong in New South Wales Australia which is about a one hour drive south of Sydney.

My parents gave me practical skills like bargain hunting, repairing, and reusing. I enjoyed visiting markets, garage sales and charity shops with them and today I often take my mum with me when I go on the hunt.

I grew up with an appreciation of all things old and beautiful and left home with a ‘glory box’ full of treasures to decorate my first home.

In the last 30 years I have moved home six times and have redecorated more times than that. I am not cured! I do not plan to move or re-decorate for a while but I cannot seem to stop the bargain hunting and collecting.

How CCs Retro Got Started

CCs Retro Shop

In 2015 my friend Sonja offered me a corner of her shop to take the excess of my collections, and allowed me to keep on bargain hunting, so CCs Retro (the shop) was born.  My initials are ‘CC’.

Sonja closed her shop in Sept 2016, but CCs Retro will be open Saturdays as of April 8th 2017 right next door to the Big Potato in Hoddle St Robertson (see separate blog post for more details).

I had bought and sold on eBay for a few years but I really wanted to have my own website where I could share what I have learned and keep learning. There are so many fantastic sites on the internet for learning about all things Antique, Vintage and Retro and I wanted to contribute.  So CCs Retro (the website) is born.

How CCs Retro Will Work

As I add retro homewares stock to the Shop, I hope to add Articles about stock items, the makers and designers. Where I have learned from others or have ‘borrowed’ images, I will provide references, so you can look up those great sites and increase your own knowledge.

Articles I have written so far include:

Mid-Century Glassware: Glass Makers and Designers

Bakelite Canisters and Bessemer Plates: Vintage Australian Plastic Makers

Bakewells Pottery

I also have an idea to provide some of my own hints and tips for bargain hunting for retro homewares. I am still working through this idea, but would like to know how many people are interested before I go too far.

I have already produced some posts on this subject if you are interested:




I don’t know everything and don’t pretend to. I will undoubtedly make mistakes and omissions and I apologise in advance for any misinformation inadvertently propagated by me.

Happy bargain hunting and collecting