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Glass Sunflower Plate Heavy Scandinavian Humppila ??

Glass Sunflower Plate Heavy Scandinavian I have had this plate for a couple of years now and still don’t know what brand and designer it is. Today I found a matching smaller one, so now I have two.                   For a while I thought that it was from Humppila Glass Finland, designed by Kai Blomqvist in the 1970s. I have not been able to verify this – so now I don’t know.
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Crown Crystal Glass History & Gallery

I had been buying bits of old ‘pressed glass’ and ‘depression glass’ for years, but not realising that the majority of it was made in Australia, and by essentially the same company, and for nearly 50 years. The Crown Crystal Glass Company operated from 1915 under several different names and after 1963 became part of Crown Corning Ltd. From 1914 is was known as Australian Crystal Glass Company Ltd, after 1922 it also traded as Crystal Glass Co, then amalgamated
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