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Diana Pottery Australia History & Gallery

Diana Pottery Australia History & Gallery (updated June 2023) I collected Diana for about 30 years, but I have only kept a couple of favourite pieces for myself now. Diana Pottery Australia operated from 1941 to 1966 in Marrickville Sydney and was the most important Australian ceramics manufacturer during this time. They are well know for slip-ware, hand painted pottery, kitchenware and ovenware. They produced decorative earthenware table vases, wall pocket vases, decanters, figurines and a popular range of tableware
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Poole Pottery History & Gallery

Poole Pottery History & Gallery I have known about Poole for more than 20 years and occasionally find pieces in my bargain hunting. Poole Pottery has operated in Dorset England since 1873 and are still operating today.  They started with architectural ceramics, moved into decorative pottery in the 1900s.  They produced a wide range of art pottery and useful tableware throughout the 1900s. They attracted some excellent designers/artists for their art pottery and produced the twintone tableware range in a
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Denby Pottery History & Gallery

Denby Pottery History & Gallery (updated May 2023) I have been interested in Denby for more than 20 years and occasionally find pieces in my bargain hunting. Denby Pottery was established in 1809 by William Bourne after the discovering of clay in Denby.  They started with commercial containers and innovated in firing methods in salt glazed kilns. In the 1900s they concentrated on kitchen wares and art ware. It stayed a family business only until 1942. They still operate today. 
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