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Portmeirion History & Gallery

Portmeirion History & Gallery Portmeirion Pottery was founded in 1960 by Susan Williams-Ellis and her husband and the company is still operating today.  Their most successful ranges are the botanical ones, including Pomona (1982) and Botanic Garden (1982) that are decorated with a variety of floral illustrations adapted from Thomas Green’s Universal or-Botanical, Medical and Agricultural Dictionary (1817). Susan Williams-Ellis’ early designs include Malachite (1960), Moss Agate (1961) and Talisman (1962).[2] In 1963 Susan created the popular Totem, an abstract
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Green Capri Canisters destined for a new home – Serendipity

Green Capri Canisters destined for a new home – Serendipity About 2 months ago my girlfriend was helping her mother de-clutter her cupboards. Among the items were a set of 4 fantastic green Capri canisters with white lids and gold lettering (made by B. X Plastics Melbourne).  Her mother no longer needed them so home they went with my girlfriend to remind her of her childhood and be used again. My girlfriend knows that I love old things so she
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Villeroy & Boch History & Gallery

Villeroy & Boch History & Gallery Now called Villeroy & Boch Group. In 1748 Francois Boch started a ceramics business and in 1791 was joined by Nicolas Villeroy. They manufactured in France, Luxemberg and Germany. They have provided services to European royalty and Popes. They are still in business today producing high quality ceramics. Botanica was produced from 1983 – 2008 and came in an enormous variety of botanic patterns and pieces. For more on the story of Villeroy &
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