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Rehoming Retro Homewares is Very Satisfying

Rehoming Retro Homewares, Recycling Retro Homewares or Reusing of Retro Homewares.  What do I call it? All these terms seem to apply to some other category of things, eg garbage is recycled, pets are re-homed, re-use is used for almost everything. I was not sure what to call this blog entry.  If you have any better suggestions, please let me know. So, what I was thinking was… how incredibly satisfying it is to rehome an item… I purchase an item
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Mid-Century Glass Makers Article

Mid-Century Glass Makers Article entitled “Mid-Century Glassware: Glass Makers and Designers”. As I add items of stock to the Shop, I hope to add Articles about stock items, the makers and designers. My third article is about Mid-Century Glass Makers. I have included information on the glass makers I have become ware of in the last five years including Iittala Finland, Pukeberg Sweden and  Lasisepat Mantsala Finland. Follow this link to the Article Mid-Century Glassmakers Article
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