Closing Down Sale – Robertson Shop – Everything Half Price – Saturday Feb 10th

Closing Down Sale – Robertson Shop – Everything Half Price – Saturday Feb 10th – 10am-3pm

Closing Down Sale next Saturday from 10am – 3pm.

The CCs Retro shop in Hoddle St Robertson NSW will close on Sunday 11th February.  My friend Sonja is relocating her Art & Craft empire across the street and there won’t be room for my shop.  No hard feelings, we had a great year in 2016 with the shop.  2017 brought a change in priorities for both of us , so we need to move forward.

Not sure if I will re-open elsewhere yet with a physical shop – Will keep you posted.

CCs Retro right next door to the Big Potato in Hoddle St Robertson.

Closing Down Sale

CCs Retro Exterior Robertson

The good news is that there is too much stuff for me to move so we are having a big half price sale.

All of the stock in the shop will be half price. 

There will be a table of new stock outside that never made it inside at great prices too.

Even some of the shop cupboards will need to go at great prices.

The shop hold lots of kitchenware and household items that deserve a second life.  There is way too much of it to list comprehensively on this website or ebay.

There is a large selection of vintage Tupperware (mostly in pastels), a couple of dozen items of Australian made pottery, a selection of Skyline kitchen utensils, a colourful array of Bessemer and similar mid-century plastic items, retro thermos’, various pieces of Diana ware, an assortment of old handles, some vintage fabric panels stretched over canvas, a rack full of vintage tea towels and tablecloths, and a variety of coats, bags and hats.



CCs Retro returns to Robertson

Vintage Fabric Panels and Tupperware

CCs Retro returns to Robertson

Mid-Century Plastic Items

Closing Down Sale

CCs Retro Interior


Happy bargain hunting and collecting


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