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Arabia Finland Green Apple

Arabia Finland Green Apple

Arabia Finland Green Apple ‘Handy Can’ made in Melbourne by Associated Plastics. I purchased these 3 for my collection at a local Salves store for 50c each.

Wow, something new is something old.  I have not seen the like of it before.

The iconic green apple from the highly collectible Arabia Finland Pomona range designed by Raija Uosikkinen in the 1970s appearing on plastic.. yes plastic!

And not a well known mid-century plastic maker.. but a little known (by me anyway) Melbourne Australia plastics company “Associated Plastics”.

These 3 range from 9 10 17cm tall and are 10cm in diameter.  Printed on the base ‘Handy Can’ & ‘Associated Plastics Melb’. They stack inside each other nicely (see picture below) and probably had green lids (see below picture).

Can anyone shed some light on this anomaly for me?

Troweling the internet I found :

  • NO other images of the green apple on anything other Arabia Finland porcelain items.
  • One other ‘Handy Can’ from Associated Plastics Melbourne (with a lid) and retro floral motif.
  • References to Associated Plastics Tasmania established in 1982 (a bit late I think? to use this motif).
  • A few items also made by Associated Plastics Melbourne, a picnic set, tumblers, and S&P shaker.  They also appear to have produced a range also labelled “Krista Ware” that included a sandwich saver, canisters, footed desert bowls and measuring jug,  All of these pieces look like they are produced pre 1980s.
Handy Can Blue

Handy Can Blue – go to

Associated Plastics Melbourne Backstamp

Associated Plastics Melbourne Backstamp

Handy Can

3 Handy Cans stacked

For more Australian Plastic Makers read my article on Bakelite Canisters and Bessemer Plates: Vintage Australian Plastic Makers.

I now have 3 new Plastics companies to add to my article.  Maybe I should start a new list.

Happy bargain hunting and collecting.



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